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When you have a greatly detailed Physics test just around the corner you will be focused on hitting the books with all the time you have at hand. Many people would have heard about the music helping you in your studies but are you aware that several professors and parents are urging you to listen to your favorite tunes at the time of studies? Research has indicated that music is responsible for many positive effects on the human brain and body. Rather than being a distraction for college students, a university study indicated that music causes the brain to pay attention. Here are some effects of music on your brain and body and how it can improve your study efforts.


Eases stress

The student stress levels run pretty high in the middle of a busy semester. It is also the perfect time for reviewing your class notes while the music plays. It has a proven capability to reduce stress. Another university study shows that students need to listen to music because it is an effective stress reducer in both people suffering from health issues and even in healthy individuals. Listening to soothing music can reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety levels for heart patients. Therefore it is a good idea to turn on the radio before beginning a study session.

Music helps in processing your emotions and helps in strengthening the resolve. A lot of people turn to music they can identify with because it helps in dealing with stress. Therefore, if life in the university has got you down or distracted it may be a good idea to put on music. It will not only help with the studies but will also keep the stress away.

Decreases test anxiety

Anxiety can be crippling for the students. How can they beat it? How about a free soothing message during every study session right through your college years? Students will feel less tension and anxiety while they review the notes. Although it may be a tough task for an average college student to achieve the next best alternative is becoming available for students all around the world. Another research concluded that the effect of music on anxiety is on par with a massage. The students suffering from anxiety should put on their headphones before they head to the library. It will make them feel more relaxed, at ease, and ready for conquering the books. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety similar to several other students, you should listen to rap music at the time of the study. Hip-hop music is also considered to be beneficial for the listeners because it allows them to accept, manage, and deal with mental health problems better.

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Better performance

Music is useful in helping people perform better during high-pressure situations such as USMLE Step 2 exams. Research has concluded that music helps transform students from raw coal to diamonds that shine under pressure. Are you looking to hit the game-winning shots when there is greater pressure? Listen to upbeat tunes before the big day. Some basketball players who were found to be prone to poor performance when under pressure were found to perform better even during the higher-pressure free-throwing situations. This is true for studying peers as well. Get that radio on and turn its volume up.

Music helps with pain

Did you arrive at a basketball game with good preparation for performing better only to sprain an ankle while landing a slam dunk? After the event, when you attempt to study you will find your mind constantly diverting to the pounding pain in the ankle. Try studying with music in this case. According to reliable studies, music is so helpful to the body that it can help with easing off the pain. This research has also indicated that music can reduce pain intensity meaningfully especially for those taking intensive care, palliative medicine, or geriatric care. Your ankle pain will stand no chance against your music album due to a better-focused mind. It is similar to a lullaby calming you. Listening to music is also helpful in decreasing blood pressure, raising your attention span, and relaxing muscle tension.

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