We have some huge experiences in promoting music as well as great contacts and a big base of REAL followers and subscribers. As all producers probably already know, promotion is currently the most important thing in the modern music industry. Our team will do their best to show your tracks to as many listeners as possible. If you believe, that your music has what it takes to be listened by our huge base of followers including TJR, Rave Radio, Melbourne Bounce AU and many many more, than just go ahead!


In case you want to be 100% sure, that we will accept your track, please send us the track first via this form and we will let you know, what promo options exactly we will be able to offer you. skip or

Mark W.A. Production
W.A. Production
Delivery Time: UP TO 4 DAYS
Genres: EDM, House, Trap

Extra Services

*Select services through which you want us to promote your dope song!
Payment methods
Terms & Condtiions
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  • 1. I am paying for the service of: Submitting a track to www.pumpyoursound.com
  • 2. I am aware that Pumpyoursound may not feature my track in their Social Media Platforms (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) if my submission does not qualify with their quality standards. !!! In case you want to be 100% sure that we will repost your track please send us a message with SoundCloud URL to submit@pumpyoursound.com and we will let you know !!!
  • 3. I am aware that Pumpyoursound will NOT refund my payment if my track will not be chosen to be featured.
  • 4. I will Never dispute a payment and if I ever dispute a payment in Paypal I am aware that I will be permanently banned from all channels and partner channels of this Network.

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I'm The DJ

I'm the DJ is a music app created by a sound-design company based in the Czech Republic called W. A. Production. Our goal is to allow people all over the world to create their own original music without having any experience using music production software. From the time we were founded in January 2014 our extremely…

Big EDM Sounds

Big EDM was established in 2015 by Roman Trachta – the founder of the well-known sound-designing label W. A. Production. This label is following in W. A.'s footsteps, and is only creating the most current and mammoth sounds, samples, loops, construction kits, and much more for thousands of producers who want to…

W. A. Production

W. A. production was founded in 2014 by Producer Redhead Roman in the Czech Republic. We are an incredible diverse company. Our products are at the top of our industry and we provide only the freshest and highest quality content. Many top DJs and producers have sought out and worked with W. A. Production for our…

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