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Repost Trader is the most advanced way to get your tracks reposted by sending users Coins at their price. This method is a very success strategy to gain plays and followers as well as keep a steady growth. Repost Trader was developed to allow its users to place their channels on other fan-gates to gain access to the maximum amount of followers they can grab. Repost Trader allows its users to purchase Coins, a virtual money feature used to pay for your reposts, at extremely fair and great prices. Repost Trader also allows users to create their own campaigns and receive coins to repost others tracks on their channels! Below are some Frequently Asked Questions the team at W. A. Production receives from people just like YOU!


  • 100% secure! Powered by the great team at W. A. Production, we make sure Repost Trader functions as safe and secure as possible! 

  • That’s the beauty of it, Repost Trader will do it automatically! Saves a ton of time and hassle.

  • The Coin to Dollar ratio can be found in the "Get Coins" section.

  • A campaign is a feature that is used to host a repost request. It allows you to search for any user and see their rate for a repost as well as create your own rate per repost. You are also able to see the amount followers each users has to determine who you want to chose who you want to work with!

  • Anything you want to be reposted can be reposted!

  • If that issue ever happens, the buyer can report the user responsible and we will ban them.

  • Yes! The maximum reposts per day is 6!

  • Yes! You can create a Campaign circled around a genre or multiple genres. If you are seeking a repost, you can search for Campaigns that are into reposting a certain genre or genres!

  • If you notice the account that reposted your track has fake followers, you can file a report to us and we will figure out if they indeed do have fake followers, we will ban them. We also have our own algorhytms, that are constantly controlling accounts and fake followers.

  • Easy, we will absolutely refund your coins back to your wallet!

  • In that case, you will get their remaining coins put back into your wallet. 

  • To put it briefly, the Buy Repost section is where you can see available campaigns and choose which one you would like to use. You can search for campaigns by Follower Amount, Oldest to Latest and by Genre. 

  • The Repost Songs section is where you would go to find songs that people are wanting reposted. If you have enough coins to Repost it, then you would be able to accept it. You can filter songs by Genre by Highest or Lowest Budget or Oldest to Latest date. 

  • >Located in the Repost Songs section, you can create a Campaign by click the “New Campaign” button. The minimum amount of coins you need to create a campaign is 50. 

  • This section is basically where you can Buy and or Sell followers for a fangate download. You can filter them by Oldest to Latest date, Highest to Lowest downloads and Highest to Lowest price. It tells you how many coins they are offering per 10 followers as well as how many downloads it has. 

    In case you will buy a place / spots in any of the fangates, you will get a follower anytime someone will download or use the fangate.