how it works

Our Scheduler supports SoundCloud and Spotify integration and it is a complex complex yet amazing tool designed and developed by the team at W.A. Production to allow users, whether it be producers, promoters or record labels, to schedule track reposts at any date and time and on multiple accounts!

Did we mention its 100% amazing?


Test Scheduler for 7 days for free to see if you like it or not.
SoundCloud & Spotify Integrations
Connect your SoundCloud and Spotify channels and start planning!
See all planned actions in your calendar. Share it with anyone you want in real time!
add a comment and a like
Have the availability to leave a Like and a nice Comment on the reposted track!
repost on multiple accounts!
Choose one or multiple accounts to Schedule the repost on!
History & Analytics
Store all info about made actions on one place. Go back to check them any time.
have the option to un-repost!
Set a certain time for the track to automatically Un-Repost!
tutorials section
We have MANY video tutorials explaining how to use Scheduler as well as all of our other features in our Tutorials section.

The Auto-Scheduler is an amazing Feature that Scheduler has to offer. This feature allows the user to Automatically schedule reposts by selecting a track link, a date to start, accounts to use, un-repost after a certain amount of hours, comment anything at a random time on the track and like the track all at the same time automatically. You can take a screenshot of of the page as either proof or as a reminder of how you had it set up. You can use our default template or create your own template(s).
Create your own template by clicking the “Create New” button. In the template customization area, you can change the templates name, select to un-repost after a certain amount of hours, comment anything at a random time on the track, like the track(s). After that, move to the “Auto Scheduling Settings” and change things such as the Time Zone Repost, the minimum spread between each post in minutes, the minimum spread between each account in minutes and the daily reposts limit per account. Auto Scheduler is a game changer in the world of Automatic Track Reposts.
Manage Groups
Anybody can use our new Manage Groups feature, but the users who will benefit from this feature are the bigger networks. These networks are able to add multiple accounts that will be saved for whenever they need to schedule a repost. The networks can create a Group, add a name and add accounts to the group. This is a great way to organize network accounts

Scheduler is here to change the game in scheduling reposts. Companies like Promo Companies, Record Labels, Collection Channels and more use reposting as a way to promote tracks they love. This allows the Artist of the track to gain some exposure and plays on his or her track. Scheduler’s Auto-Scheduler is a feature to add even more convenience to reposting tracks. Able to create your own templates with amazing customization, the Auto- Scheduler can repost schedule automatic reposts!


  • Pump Your Sound - Scheduler is a tool that allows you to plan reposts, likes, comments and unreposts on SoundCloud and playlist placements on Spotify. You can connet multiple accounts, create huge network and plan any actions you want. Our Scheduler offers many bonus features such as calendar, auto scheduler, easy multi account settings & much more.

    Here is a go through video tutorial that explains this whole section in detail.

  • Scheduler is now a recurring charge of 9.9 per month. More info here.

  • No. This is a fixed price for everyone no matter the size of your channel.

    In case you are running a big multi accounts network, you can upgrade your subscription and multi account slots based on your needs as seen here.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time directly from your Pump Your Sound account!

  • In case you will subscribe us, you will also get up to 7000 Repost Trader coins (worth $70) for free every month as a bonus from us. You will also get access to all Ambassador features and more!

  • Yes, our Scheduler now works with both of these platforms.

  • We are offering a 7 days trial. During the trial period you can evaluate the service and once the trial period (7 days) comes to an end you can decide if you wish to continue as a paid member.