Please read over the following questions and answers to understand how our website works. In case you have any additional questions about our system, please feel free to contact us on submit@pumpyoursound.com or bigedmsoundstv@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use your system? How to I create fangate?

    See the tutorial HERE.

  • Are all of your features available for free?

    Yes, absolutely. There are no PRO plans and no extra costs, just use our system and create as many fangates as you want.

  • How can I make money from my tracks?

    There is a section called "My rewards" in the top right corner. Go there and see how many downloads must any of your track achieve to receive the reward.

    See the tutorial HERE

  • I just received a reward. Why do I must send you my email adress?

    We need to know where can we send you the reward, you've recieved. In case of Paypal transfer, we will ask you for your Paypal email.

    See the tutorial HERE

  • Why is the number of downloads in the rewards section lower than the real number, that my tracks have from the very beginning.

    That is because, we reset all statistics and numbers for the rewards section during the launch of the rewards system. All numbers are starting from scratch.

  • What "EXCLUSIVE release" in the Promotion section means?

    We will release your track on a channel of your choice and keep promoting it for a month. The better song you deliver, the better result will be possible!

  • What do the Inner Circle / Subscribers / Subscribe this channel features mean?

    For listeners: If you subscribe a channel, you will receive an automatic email each time a track will be released on the channel you are following. This option is a huge time saver, because inside the email you will receive a direct download link for the released (free) track / pack, thanks to which you will be able to download all of the releases in a few seconds by just one click. Also you won't miss any news from this artist / label any more! In exchange you will automaticly repost some of the new release from this channel - DONT WORRY - this feature will NOT spam your account. Pump Your Sound will make you repost max 2 tracks per day.

    For provides / creators: This feature will guarantee you regular reposts of your new fangates. Your subscribers will recieve an automatic email with a direct download link of your track / pack each time you will create a new fangate. !! Not all of your subscribers will repost each of your new releases!! We don't want to spam and overload subcribers SoundCloud channels, so if there will be more tracks to repost during the day, Pump Your Sound will randomly pick 2 reposts per day ONLY! You can turn on / off this feature in your settings.

    See the tutorial HERE

  • Why is there a limit in SC Scheduler for number of reposts per hour?

    Our SC scheduler is sometimes used by bots, which are planning enormous amount of reposts in a short time period. This big amount of requests is causing troubles with the SoundCloud API connection. We've decided to limit the number of reposts per hour per account to 20. This number is still BIG and in case you will decide to plan 20 reposts per hour on your account you will most probably get banned by SoundCloud anyway. :)

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