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Ambassador Account on Pump Your Sound is a brand new feature designed and developed by the determined team at W.A. Production to give Pump Your Sound power users more freedom and better perks. Ambassador Accounts are available exclusively to the most active users of Pump Your Sound and to users who bring a lot of new people to the website.

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what will you get with an ambassador account

look and feel
Choose the look and feel of your fangates from 3 different looks!
direct support
Receive Dedicated Support from the W. A. Production team with exclusive perks!
upload your files directly
You can upload your tracks directly, without need of using third party sites.
get featured
Have the possibility for your account being featured on a home page.

how to become an ambassador
have a high download rates
The more downloads you have on your Fangates, the bigger is your chance of becoming an Ambassador.
be active
You also have a higher chance of becoming an Ambassador, if you have been active on Pump Your Sound for at least 3+ months and you are regularly creating new Fangates (at least 12).
bring new users to pump your sound
Increase your chances to become an Ambassador if you have brought over at least 10 new members that will collect at least 300 downloads (in total) to Pump Your Sound.

Users will be allowed to apply for the Ambassador Account even if they DO NOT meet some or any of these requirements. However, we have the right to reject any applications if they don't fit for an Ambassador Account. If your application was rejected, you can apply again after 3 months.

We want to give our biggest supporters, the best of the best on Pump Your Sound. And that's why, we believe, that Ambassador is a great step in the right direction for providing more to our most valuable power users.

Your channel

ambassador account
Your referral link
New members
Pump Your Sound is re-calculating and reviewing these numbers each 6 hours.
You only can request for Ambassador account once per 3 months!


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