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Do you want to broaden your reach and expand the availability of your music? Sure you are on Spotify, SoundCloud, Reverb Nation, and iTunes. What if I told you there are other platforms that may have slipped your mind? Some say, "don't waste your time" on lesser-known websites. Well, those are the people who are letting an opportunity pass them by. Not only do you have other options to post your music, but fans also have other options of how they listen to music. Wouldn't you rather have your name out there on everything and anything? Being on each and every platform, even if it is lessor known, isn’t a waste of time. It’s making your music available and accessible to anyone, anywhere, on any platform they choose.

This article will cover a couple of those websites that you should have your music on. Once you see their site statistics, you’ll see just how many more opportunities there are to get your name out there and get your music heard.


YouTube is the 2nd most popular social media platform with 1.9 billion active users logged every month. On average, there are 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day. Just because it’s YouTube doesn’t mean you need to post a full production video. You can use your album artwork or logo.

There is also YouTubeMusic that is a subscription-based service. Offering premium streaming without the ad interruption and they offer the option of downloading songs for offline playback.

Of course, you can stick to the standard YouTube or you can read more about the YouTube for Artists channel by clicking HERE.

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Much like YouTube, Vimeo is an online video streaming service. With over 715 million viewers each month and over 90 million members over 150 countries that are all the more chances for you to be seen. Uploading is free, however, they do offer premium services that will allow you to customize the player, remove all ads from before and after your video, live stream and audience chat.

You can upload your video HERE and learn more about premium plans HERE.


Your music is a business, right? So why not get connected on Linkedin? With 610 million users that include record labels, concert promoters, sound design companies, and user groups why not build your music-related network.


I never thought I would say this, and it feels just as strange to say it as it does for you to read it. But yes, MySpace. Despite having lost over 50 million songs posted prior to 2015, MySpace has revamped the social media website with a new design, more features, and a better media player.

Believe it or not, people are actually going back. While MySpace is nowhere near the users of their prime, nor are they close to Facebook or Instagram, reports show that there are 15 million actual and current users. The website sees 6.92 million hits over a 6-month time frame. So weather you like it or not, some users prefer it. And those users, are opportunity for you.


In an online world of pay for play, before you go spending a lot of money to be "featured" or be a "recommendation", make sure you are on every platform you can possibly be on first. If you do get on that Spotify playlist and listeners then go to search for you on their other favorite platforms and you are not there and represented, they bounce.

Increase your presence, Increase your reach, Increase your fan base and sales by making your music accessible every place that you can. Simple as that.

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Thanks for the info! Will be taking this advice and start spreading my wings!
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