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Established in 2012, WMDM Media LLC is a web company that seeks to disrupt the music industry through two central means:

empower artists to make music from their hearts and make a living doing what they love

minimize the barriers to entry of producing quality, publishable music

Based out of Downtown, Montreal IN Canada, WMDM operates in one of the central North American hubs of the digital revolution. Surrounded by creative energy and a thriving tech sector, WMDM is passionate about building the framework that is changing the way music is created and distributed through the web.

Founded by Michel Anguelov (Mikas), an EDM producer and entrepreneur with 20+ years in the music industry, WMDM is poised to continue its growth into unchartered waters. Insider experience, innovative concepts, and a 100% devotion to the EDM

Revolution drive us to create a platform that facilitates dynamic music experiences for musicians and fans alike.

Driven by the loyalty of its core user base, WMDM continues to grow organically without outside investment ensuring that we remain a movement FOR ARTISTS BY ARTISTS.

We aspire...

To create a centralized source of sound in the cloud empowering artists the world

over to make music that moves peoples’ hearts and souls. With the tools and

framework to make passive income from the sales of their music, artists are free

to do more of what they love while the global community has access to an online

catalog of innovative sounds creatively curated from every corner of the globe.

We envision...

A world where artists worldwide can work independently or collaboratively through

the power of the web to intertwine their local sounds to produce the music of the future.

Founder Words:

Music is more than a passion. It’s a way of life. I don’t know any other way to be.

 To me, music is happiness. And, from what I’ve noticed, people really like to be happy. To wake up every day and build the platform which enables musical artists worldwide to passively share and sell their work is a dream come true. My name is Michael Anguelov and music is my religion. I have gone by the name DJ Mikas for many years as a trance producer and audio engineer. I love creating fast-paced, high energy music. I love perfecting other people’s music. I love…you know…that’s a great way to put it simply: I love. I feel Blessed that my greatest love is music. It wakes me up every morning. It keeps me going during the day. It sets the tone for my night. It lulls me to sleep and the cycle repeats itself. I couldn’t imagine life any other way.

Being deeply connected with the music industry, I got to witness first-hand how the scene has been evolving and frankly – I’m not impressed. This gave me the opportunity and inspiration to create We Make Dance Music. It started with the realization that the music sitting on my hard drives could be shared with the world and pay my bills so I could continue to make more music. And it grew organically from there. People lovedtemplates from day 1. From there they wanted Mastering Chains and other tools to improve their productions so I provided them.

People wanted their music mastered, so I would just get emails from people I never met and engineered their work. Today, WMDMD Media has the largest collection of Music Projects and Templates and a loyal community of fans and users who are driving us forward. I will, one day, be that old man in the rocking chair with his MacBook, still making dance music. I have a lot to do before then but thankfully I’ve narrowed my focus to making music and helping other people make music. When I go to a festival and feel the love and joy of dance music, I rejoice. When I get a happy customer email thanking me for my engineering work or the template I gave them, I am filled with joy. When I step back and realize that no other form of music has had a greater impact in history, my jaw drops. Race, gender, orientation, religion…all the social constructs – Dance music transcends them all and brings people together like no other force known to man. It’s light. It’s positivity. It’s…it’s my oxygen. It’s my everything.

Michel Anguelov (Mikas)

Founder, Creative Director


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